Five Card Studs - One of Our Favorite Bar Games!

FaveFive Card Studs - One of Our Favorite Bar Games!
Five Card Studs - One of Our Favorite Bar Games!  
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Five Card Studs - One of Our Favorite Bar Games!   Five Card Studs - One of Our Favorite Bar Games!   Five Card Studs - One of Our Favorite Bar Games!   
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Five Card Studs is one of our favorite bar night bachelorette party games. This is the ultimate stud scavenger hunt and dare game, brought to you by's party experts.
  • Five Card Stud
  • A game of studs and dares
  • Perfect for a night at the bar

  • Get ready to meet every hot guy at the bar, and make fun of all the rest! Five Card Studs is a really fun game that allows you to gab about all the guys at the bar, and perform dares that include them. It's a great way to get talking, get drinking, and have fun on the bachelorette's big night out.

    Five Card Studs comes with 50 Stud Cards and 50 Dare Cards. In Part 1 of Five Card Studs, partygoers will track down all the studs. Each player gets five cards. There are cards like "Hairy Stud," "Chatty Stud," Trailer Park Stud," and "Man Boob Stud." You'll be able to do this part without talking to the studs—just gab amongst your friends about who matches each description best, and choose the studs that correspond best to your cards.

    In Part 2, you'll take out the Dare Deck and start completing the dares with the studs you've chosen. There will be dares like "Get him to show you his nipples," "Get your stud to let you feel his biceps," and "Get your stud to buy you a Blow Job shot." The dare is performed as the rest of the bachelorette party guests look on—you'll each take turns completing your dares.

    This is a hilarious game where the craziest dares win the most points! Make sure to pick up a couple of prize items, like beads, candy or a cocktail for the winner.

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