Drink or Dare Bachelorette Party Game

Drink or Dare Lotto Cards
Drink or Dare Lotto Cards  
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Drink or Dare Lotto Cards   Drink or Dare Lotto Cards   
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The Drink or Dare Lotto Cards are scratch-off dare cards that are perfect for a girls' night out. Get them from the party planning experts at Bachelorette.com.
  • Drink or Dare Lotto Cards
  • 36 Scratch-Off Dare Cards>
  • A game for the bar party

  • "Ask a red-haired guy to prove that it's his natural hair color." Well, that dare is going to be a doozy. Let's hope this guy isn't too drunk, and that he shows you a text from his mom confirming his hair color, instead of dropping his trousers on the spot. But that's what you're looking for on this, the bachelorette's last big night of freedom, isn't it? A crazy night and even crazier stories.

    The Drink or Dare Lotto Card Game is a good one to play out at the bar, if you are looking for a wild night. It's a great way to instigate drama and make crazy moments happen. The party guests will be asked to drink and harass guys. Basically, it will be a normal night out, except you can blame all your bad behavior on a game, instead of on yourself. Sign me up!

    The object of the game is to accumulate points by successfully completing the dares. 36 dare cards.

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