Bride-to-Be's Dirty Secrets Game

Bride To Be's Dirty Secrets
Bride To Be's Dirty Secrets  
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Bride To Be's Dirty Secrets   Bride To Be's Dirty Secrets   
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How well do you know the bride-to-be and her dirtiest secrets? With this fun game you'll all find out, and learn a new thing or two about the blushing bride!
  • A raunchy yes-or-no questions game
  • 107 different questions
  • How well do you know the bride?

  • If you’re going to a friend’s Bachelorette Party, chances are you’re already pretty close. But how close are you, really? Do you know if she has any sex toys hidden away in her room? If she’s ever had any nude photos show up on the internet? If her fiance has ever made a honking noise while squeezing her breasts?

    The Bride-to-Be’s Dirty Secrets game will give you the answers to these questions and many more. Players take turns reading out one of over 100 question cards, and guessing what the bride’s answer will be. Correct guesses will earn you points toward bragging rights as the friend who truly knows the bride-to-be the best.

    Some of the questions are just silly, like “Would you let a well-trained pig be your ring-bearer at your wedding for $100?” Others are sexy, like “Have you ever had sex in a room with mirrors on the ceiling?” And others still could be downright scandalous: “Do you think the bridesmaids’ dresses you picked out are really attractive?”

    This pocket-sized pack of cards also makes a great drinking game whether you’re at home or at the bar: just drink whenever you guess the bride’s answer incorrectly. The bride might want to drink for each of your answers either way - good luck getting a sober answer to “Would you be willing to have an orgy with your friends during your rehearsal dinner for $25,000?”

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