Would You Ever Game

Would You Ever Game
Would You Ever Game  
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Would You Ever Game   Would You Ever Game   Would You Ever Game   Would You Ever Game   
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Would You Ever is hilarious party game that you can play again and again. Give the bride-to-be a perfect party she'll never forget with help from Bachelorette.com.
  • Would You Ever Game
  • A favorite party game

  • Did You Ever vs. Would You Ever is the ultimate bachelorette party confession game. This game is perfect to play at the bar, at home, or anywhere, as long as you're playing with a group of fun-loving girls!

    In this game, there are two types of cards: Did You Ever cards, and Would You Ever cards. Players use the included spinner to figure out what type of card they will draw. Then they answer the wild questions, like:

    Did you ever have phone sex?
    Would you ever have sex on a plane?
    Would you ever go to a sex shop for sex toys?
    Did you ever get a lap dance?
    Did you ever fart out loud and get caught?

    This is a great game to play. You'll have lots of laughs and learn a lot about your friends--maybe too much! Get all the juicy dirt on your friends as they reveal their naughtiest secrets during this hilarious party game.

    Warning: After playing this game, you may never look at the bachelorette the same way again. Then again, it's her bachelorette party, so that was probably going to be the case no matter what.

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