Dicky Licky Flashing Sucker

FaveDicky Licky Light-Up Sucker
Dicky Licky Light-Up Sucker  
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Dicky Licky Light-Up Sucker   Dicky Licky Light-Up Sucker   Dicky Licky Light-Up Sucker   Dicky Licky Light-Up Sucker   
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The Dicky Licky Light-Up Sucker is one of our favorite bachelorette party suckers. It's big, tasty and lights up. Only from the experts at Bachelorette.com.
  • Dicky Licky Light-Up Sucker
  • Lights up with the press of a button
  • Bright LED

  • Shut up! You are not telling me that this awesome, tasty sucker lights up, are you? Get out of town. Get out of my face with that awesomeness! This sucker lights up with the force of a million LEDs. Okay, that's a lie. But it's really bright. Try turning off all the lights in a room, and having someone snap a pic of the bachelorette party guests' faces, lit only by haunting red penis LED. The effect is pretty hilarious.

    You'll also like the Glow in the Dark Light-Up Sucker for it's great flavor. We love this sucker because it lights up so bright, looks great in photos, and is really interesting out at the bar. It will definitely get your bachelorette noticed, and it's tasty and tons of fun!

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