Dick Lips Edible Cock Rings

Dick Lips Candy
Dick Lips Candy  
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Dick Lips Candy   Dick Lips Candy   Dick Lips Candy   
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Dick Lips are a pack of fruit-flavored gummies shaped like luscious lips. They're designed to be edible cock rings, but they also make great snacks or gag gifts for a bachelorette party!
  • Three fruity flavors
  • Three gummy rings per pack
  • Brightly colored and lip-shaped

  • Dick Lips. Dick Lips. Dick Lips! Boy, that’s fun to say. You might be wondering, what the heck are “Dick Lips,” anyways? You know, besides a Blink-182 song from the 90’s?

    Dick Lips are fruit-flavored gummy pairs of lush, full lips. They’re intended to be edible penis rings that you slip on and suck and eat off, but come on, we’re sure you can think of much better uses for them than that. Here’s a few we came up with: * Get them wet so you can leave bright blue and pink “lipstick” marks all over everything Wear them over your real lips and interact with strangers while trying to keep a straight face Make a competition of trying to put one on something phallic with your mouth

    Of all the candies you could have at your bachelorette party, this is definitely one of the ones you can have the most fun with, if you get a little creative.

    One pack of Dick Lips comes with three different flavors of gummy cock ring, including:

    Swallow Me Strawberry Blow Me Blueberry Tickle Me Cherry

    Yeah, we’re pretty disappointed that they didn’t come up with an alliterative name for the Cherry flavor. Choke Me Cherry? Hmm, maybe not...

    3 gummy rings per pack.

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