Dare to Do It Activity Cards

Dare to Do It Activity Cards - A Fun Bar Game
Dare to Do It Activity Cards - A Fun Bar Game   
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Dare to Do It Activity Cards - A Fun Bar Game    Dare to Do It Activity Cards - A Fun Bar Game    Dare to Do It Activity Cards - A Fun Bar Game    Dare to Do It Activity Cards - A Fun Bar Game    
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Can you imagine seeing your fiance's sister, Glenda, clucking like a chicken in front of a bunch of hotties? You're making memories every day, they may as well be entertaining.
  • A game of dares
  • Lots of fun to play when you're out and about

  • These Dare To Do It Activity Cards will make for an unforgettable evening of laughs for everyone involved. Points are awarded to each person who dares to carry out crazy challenges like, "swapping an item of clothing with a man," "drinking from a stranger's drink," and "do a shot with a geek (decided by friends)." The winner of the game is the guest with the most points at the end of the night.

    Wait, wait, wait a second. Did I just say "do a shot with a geek?" "(Decided by friends)?" That's horrible! Here's this poor guy, minding his own business, while a herd of cackling crazy women scan the bar and decide that HE is the geek. Her friends will be laughing at him for being such a dweeb and for thinking he's getting somewhere. AND her friends will be laughing at her because she is sitting there cringing, like his geekiness will jump off of him and infect her. Before she runs away and they all scream, he's going to get the hint that he is the joke. Who knows? That might have been the only guy in her life that would've respected her. Aw, too bad, girlfriend.

    Aside from all of that, these cards have many fun memories in store for your Bachelorette Party group. Can you imagine your new sister-in-law doing the chicken dance in front of a bunch of hotties? Priceless!

    We promise that not all of the cards in this game are designed to embarrass poor defenseless geeks. They are pretty much all designed to embarrass SOMEONE, but it's usually the person doing the challenge. And they're all designed so that the person being embarrassed will be having just as much fun as the person doing the embarrassing. Except maybe the geek one. Really, not cool, ladies.

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