Candy Peckers - Taste Like Sweet Tarts

Candy Willies - Like Sweet Tarts
Candy Willies - Like Sweet Tarts  
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Candy Willies - Like Sweet Tarts   Candy Willies - Like Sweet Tarts   
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The Candy Willies come in a box of assorted flavors. Get them at, where we help you plan the best bachelorette party ever!
  • Candy Willies
  • Like Sweet Tarts
  • Yummy and penis-shaped

  • Does the bachelorette love Sweet Tarts? Then she'll go gaga for the Candy Peckers. These assorted fruit flavor candy penises taste just like Sweet Tarts. Some penis candy tastes horrible, but others taste like familiar candy that we all know and love. The Candy Willies have that perfect Sweet Tart flavor.

    You get plenty of Candy Willies in each box. You can put them in a candy dish, put them in grab bags, or spread them out over the snack table as a tasty decoration.

    6.17 ounces.

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