Champagne Bottle Poppers

Champagne Bottle Poppers - 12
Champagne Bottle Poppers - 12   
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These Champagne Bottle Poppers shoot out small streamers and are a real blast, especially at a bachelorette party.
  • 12 Poppers
  • Make a loud noise and shoot streamers

  • Do you trust your friends to decorate your house with small explosives? If so, these are the decoration for you. These Champagne Bottle Poppers shoot out small streamers and are a real blast. They're a good compromise when your friends are lobbying for penis-shaped sticks of TNT and you would like your house to remain standing after the party.

    Sometimes, when I am a little depressed, I head out to the warehouse and pull the string on one of these. Bang! I suddenly feel much better. You can do that one dozen times if you wish. Or more, if you buy multiple packages. These are so inexpensive that you can probably afford to buy enough to be popping mini champagne bottles all night!

    We recommend not doing that, though, if the party's not at your house. The host might have a little bit of a problem with having to clean up dozens and dozens of champagne bottles worth of streamers out of her carpet. Maybe if you give her a few bottles of real champagne, all will be forgiven.

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