Bridesmaid Sashes, Tiaras and T-Shirts

Bridesmaid Tank Top - Black with White Gemstones
Hey, there. We didn't forget about those bridesmaids. You should really do something nice for them, like buy them Bridesmaid White Gem Tank Tops. Think about it - they have to wear those ugly dresses ...
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Bridesmaid Tank - Pink - Clearance!
Pink Bridesmaid Tank with Gemst...
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Bridesmaid Tank Top - White with Silver Gemstones
The White Bridesmaid Tank Top w...
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Bridesmaid Sash - Pink Flashing
Pink Bridesmaid Flashing SashFu...
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Why should the bachelorette be the only one dressing up special for her bachelorette party? The bridesmaids have an important role to play, too, and they should wear their title with pride! These accessories and clothes will let everyone know who’s going to be standing up there next to her on her special day!

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