Bride to Be Triangle Boppers

Bride to Be Triangle Boppers
Bride to Be Triangle Boppers  
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Bride to Be Triangle Boppers   
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Make the bachelorette look a little silly with the Bride to Be Triangle Boppers! She'll love wearing these all around town at her bachelorette party and is happy to help make it a blast!
  • Bride to Be Triangle Boppers
  • Soft and feathery
  • Pink with black lettering

  • So, we just got off the phone with your bride-to-be. She told us she wants to look utterly ridiculous at her bachelorette party. That might sound strange to you, but it seems like a reasonable request to us. It’s her last night of freedom, it might be the last chance she gets to fill her life with any kind of ridiculousness other than her new husband’s sexual requests (yeah, like those are ever going to happen).

    Well, you’re in luck, because we’ve got just the thing for her: get her a pair of these Bride To Be Triangle Boppers. Just look at the goofy things; there’s no way she won’t look ridiculous wearing these. When you buy these for her and present them to her at her party, she might act surprised and confused and maybe even slightly offended. But trust us, it’s just an act. Secretly, they’re everything she’s ever wanted. Well, everything she’s ever wanted to wear on her head at her bachelorette party, that is.

    The Bride To Be Triangle Boppers are a pair of soft triangular thingies attached to a sturdy plastic headband by spring that make them wobble to and fro as you move. We use the highly technical term “thingies” here because we’re not really sure what else to call them. But they’re bright pink triangles with black outlines and the words “Bride To Be” spelled out in black lettering. They also have pink feathers shooting out of them on all sides, for added ridiculousness. The bride-to-be will hardly be able to contain her excitement!

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