Bridal Shower Attire for the Bride-to-Be

Bride to Be Sash - Black Diamante
The Black Diamante Bride to Be Sash is one of our nicer sashes. This silky, gemstone-studded sash features white print that reads, "Bride to be." On either side of the white writing, small gemstones sp...
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Penis Dooby Boppers
Penis Dooby Boppers A glitte...
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Bride Tank Top - Black with White Gemstones
A ribbed black tank topEmbossed...
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Bride Tank Top - White with Gemstones
The Bride Tank Top with Gemston...
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Do you want everyone to know who the bride-to-be is at her bridal shower? Here you can find all our classy and fashionable accessories designed specially for the bride, from sashes and necklaces to tiaras, veils and more. Because, after all, she should feel as fancy and important on her big night as she does on her big day!

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