Bachelorette Party Caution Tape - 20 Feet

Bachelorette Party Caution Tape
Bachelorette Party Caution Tape   
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Bachelorette Party Caution Tape    
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The Bachelorette Caution Tape will amuse your guests and warn your neighbors. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at
  • Bachelorette Caution Tape
  • Yellow with black block-style text
  • 20 feet of tape

  • Your bachelorette party is going to be really wild. Drinks will be spilled. Things will get broken. Penises will be flying everywhere. Why not give the neighbors fair warning by wrapping Bachelorette Caution Tape around the tree out front or around your porch railing? Or, to be safe, around the entire premises of the house?

    This caution tape says "Caution: Bachelorette Party - Danger: Wild Women." One roll is 20 feet long. That's enough to warn the whole 'hood. It might not be enough to wrap around the entire house, though. Depends on the size of the house.

    Try not to get tangled in it. And maybe you should give your neighbors some warning about the warning you're going to be giving them. If you just put this up all around, they'll think your house is a crime scene instead of a bachelorette party. Wait, what's the difference, again?

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