Large Penis Snack Tray

Penis Shaped Snack Tray
Penis Shaped Snack Tray   
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Penis Shaped Snack Tray    Penis Shaped Snack Tray    Penis Shaped Snack Tray    Penis Shaped Snack Tray    
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Every bachelorette party needs a Penis Shaped Snack Tray. Plan your naughty bachelorette party with -- we won't tell a soul!
  • A Penis Shaped Snack Tray
  • A large tray for serving appetizers
  • 3 compartments for all kinds of snacks

  • A Penis Shaped Snack Tray is a great bachelorette party idea! At every party, even bachelorette parties, guests tend to migrate straight to the hors d'oeuvres. This penis snack tray is the perfect size and shape to give your guests maximum eating pleasure.

    You can fill this snack tray with penis-shaped candy, penis-shaped chocolates, penis-shaped cupcakes, penis-shaped chips...

    Okay, yes, you can fill it with things that aren't penis-shaped, too. We just thought you might like to go the penis-inception route. But no matter what you serve, this tray is an excellent choice for your party, whether you're slaving over fancy appetizers or simply serving chips.

    For some extra laughs, try serving snacks on this tray the next time your boyfriend has his friends over. It may just permanently eliminate you from snack duty! Or it may permanently trap you in it. Depends on the boyfriend, I guess.

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