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Penis Dooby Boppers
Penis Dooby Boppers   
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Penis Dooby Boppers    Penis Dooby Boppers    Penis Dooby Boppers    Penis Dooby Boppers    
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Place the Penis Dooby Boppers on your bachelorette's head for lots of laughs. Buy your bachelorette party supplies in total privacy at
  • Penis Dooby Boppers
  • A glittery headband featuring her favorite thing
  • Comes in red, purple, silver and gold

  • Penis Dooby Boppers are a huge hit at bachelorette parties. I can't imagine why, though. Who would want to wear these of their own volition? I think people who buy these are trying to torture their friends by making them wear them. You ought to be ashamed of yourselves. I know I would never do a thing like that. Especially not to the bachelorette in the middle of a crowded bar while everyone's attention was on us. Nope. I've never done that.

    Okay, let's be real: the Penis Dooby Boppers are absolutely hilarious and a must-have fashion accessory for any bachelorette party. They're perfect for a bachelorette, maid of honor, or anyone else who can take a joke and doesn't mind being the center of attention. They are also on a headband, so it should fit just about everyone and look good on any hair style.

    We sell more of these things than we should. I think it might be related to the picture of Liz wearing them. Liz wasn't too happy about having her picture taken with these on her head. You, however, will love watching your bachelorette moan and whine when people hit the Penis Dooby Boppers just to see them bounce. And once she gets drunk enough, she'll probably love it, too.

    The Penis Dooby Boppers come in red, purple, silver and gold. You will receive a random color. We are sorry that we cannot grant individual requests. If you order more than one, we will do our best to send you a variety.

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