Bachelorette Party Napkin Game

Bachelorette Party Napkin Game
Bachelorette Party Napkin Game  
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Bachelorette Party Napkin Game   Bachelorette Party Napkin Game   Bachelorette Party Napkin Game   Bachelorette Party Napkin Game   
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Every bachelorette dinner or snack party needs napkins--why not make them fun? Have deliver Bachelorette Napkin Game right to your door with our private shipping methods.
  • Bachelorette Napkin Game
  • A trivia game
  • 25 napkins

  • The Bachelorette Napkin Game is an entertaining game to be played in any bachelorette party environment. Printed on each napkin are trivia questions focusing on the bachelorette and her husband-to-be.

    For example, one question might be, "What type of underwear does the groom wear?" That might be one question. We're not sure. It MIGHT be on there. We didn't peek or anything. That would be cheating!

    This is a really unique game that all the guests will love. It's the best thing to happen to meal time since the penis-shaped chocolate cake.

    Now, some of these questions might be a little tough, but if you're at the bachelorette party you should get at least one answer correct. Hopefully. Unless the bachelorette is a mystery wrapped in an enigma wearing giant bouncy penises on her head. Each package contains 25 napkins.

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