Boob-Shaped Hard Candy

Boobie Bites
Boobie Bites  
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Boobie Bites   
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Boobie Bites are a hilarious and tasty snack that everyone at your bachelor party will love to munch on! Get the best snacks for your bachelor party at
  • Boobie-shaped hard candy
  • Strawberry flavored
  • 16 per pack

  • Okay, Iíll be up front: I donít know a whole lot about boobs. Letís just say, Iím not in the market to be having a bachelor party any time soon. So, I have a question for all you wise bachelors and bachelor party planners, more educated in the ways of the world than I. Itís just the nipples that are supposed to get hard, right? Iím pretty sure I read that somewhere. If the entire boob is hard, that probably means thereís some kind of problem, right?

    Surprise - it was a trick question! If the entire boob is hard, that doesnít mean thereís a problem - it just means youíre holding a piece of Boobie Bites candy! Which is probably a better thing to be holding than a real boob, especially if youíre the bachelor. Boobie Bites are a realistically detailed boob-shaped hard candy with a strawberry flavor. Unlike some novelty candies, they actually taste quite good, like those round hard candies that come in the strawberry wrappers. Theyíre also individually wrapped to ensure maximum freshness and perkiness.

    Boobie Bites make a great snack for your bachelor party, or a gift just for the bachelor if heís got a sweet tooth.. or a longing to touch some boobs that arenít his future wifeís!

    Net Weight 4.5 oz. Contains 16 individually wrapped pieces.

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