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Big Pecker Banner
Big Pecker Banner   
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Big Pecker Banner    
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The Big Pecker Banner will decorate any room in your house. Buy your bachelorette party supplies in total privacy at
  • Big Pecker Banner
  • Features pink and purple cartoon style penises
  • 9" tall by 120" long

  • Set the ambiance for your bachelorette party with this Big Pecker Banner. It is sure to make any party more exciting. With alternating pink and purple peckers strung up all around the room, your guests will be sure to be impressed with your glamorous decorating style and sense of color coordination. Just imagine all the lavish praise you'll be getting when your guests step out of the foyer only to come face to face with a pink and purple penile wonderland.

    If they fail to tell you how impressed they are, it's probably because they are laughing so hard that they can't say anything at all! Just know in your heart, they're jealous of your talent. Who knows, before long maybe the word will get out and the DIY network will come ask you to do a show where you showcase your brilliant interior design talents.

    Each banner consists of a string of 10 peckers. Each pecker stands 10 inches tall, and features detailed balls that are 7 inches wide at their widest point. That's 70 inches of hilarious, massive silly-colored dicks. Even the fact that you were able to handle that without being intimidated should be proof enough of your decorating prowess.

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