The Biggest Penis Confetti Ever

Big Pink Penis Confetti
Big Pink Penis Confetti  
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Big Pink Penis Confetti   Big Pink Penis Confetti   
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Big Pink Penis Confetti is one of many decorations offers to help you make your bachelorette party as fun and crazy as possible!
  • Big Pink Penis Confetti
  • Two inch long confetti pieces
  • Bright pink and dick-shaped

  • Okay, ladies, so we all know that when it comes to penises, despite what we might say to reassure guys, size matters. But did you know that this also applies to penis-shaped bachelorette party decorations? Itís true. After all, nobody wants to share a three-inch penis cake between eight girls. And a six foot long penis balloon would just be way too hard to blow up. Whether theyíre made of paper, plastic, or candy, itís important that all of your penises are not too short and not too long.

    So, when it comes to confetti, where does that sweet spot lie? Most penis confetti is between half an inch and one inch long. And thatís just fine, I guess. Itís passable. Itíll get the job done.

    But if you want to really please a woman - specifically, the bachelorette - youíre gonna need something a little larger than that. Weíre talking a full two-incher. Relative to all those other teeny weenies, that is a truly massive confetti cock. You might think thatís too much confetti penis for you, but trust us, you can handle it. And youíll be glad you gave it a try.

    Big Pink Penis Confetti is a bag of 2-inch-long pink penis-shaped pieces of confetti with realistically detailed head and balls. Itís an absolute blast to use at the bachelorette party, and there are any number of possible applications. Put it in the gift bags, decorate the dinner table, take turns throwing it in the air as part of a drinking game... thereís so many uses waiting to be discovered. Your guests may be a bit intimidating by its size at first, but theyíll come around. And once they do, theyíll never go back to regular-sized penis confetti again!

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