Our Best Selling Veils, Tiaras and Hats for the Bachelorette Party

The Little Bit Naughty Veil
The Little Bit Naughty Veil is a very understated penis veil. Is that possible? Why, yes, it is. We were as surprised as you, at first. We thought then when shopping for bachelorette party veils, you h...
Our Price  $8.99
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Penis Dooby Boppers
Penis Dooby Boppers A glitte...
Our Price  $3.49
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The Bachelorette Tiara
Bachelorette Tiara Make your...
Our Price  $9.99
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Our Cowgirl Hat With A Flower and Veil
Cowgirl Hat and Veil Handmad...
Our Price  $16.99
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Having trouble deciding how to adorn the bride-to-be’s magnificent head on her big night? Here are some of our bestselling veils, tiaras, and hats, which are sure to get everyone else’s heads turning!

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