Our Best Selling Bachelorette Party Sashes, Boas and Necklaces

Bride to Be Sash - Black Diamante
The Black Diamante Bride to Be Sash is one of our nicer sashes. This silky, gemstone-studded sash features white print that reads, "Bride to be." On either side of the white writing, small gemstones sp...
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Penis Shot Glass On a Pearl Necklace
A big penis shot glassHangs fro...
Our Price  $6.99
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Bride To Be Sash - Flashing - Really Great!
The Flashing Bride To Be Sash ...
Our Price  $8.99
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Bride to Be Sash - White Diamante
White Diamante Bride to Be Sash...
Our Price  $9.99
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We sell lots of cute accessories for your bachelorette party here at Bachelorette.com, so it might be hard to choose just want you and the girls want to wear. Here’s a selection of our absolute cutest and most popular sashes, boas and necklaces to help you decide!

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