Bachelorette I.D. Buttons

Bachelorette Party I.D. Buttons - 12
Bachelorette Party I.D. Buttons - 12   
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Bachelorette Party I.D. Buttons - 12    
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Get away with anything when you wear these Bachelorette Party I.D. Buttons! Buy Bachelorette Party I.D. Buttons from and your credit card statement will simply read: "PriveCo Inc.
  • Bachelorette Party I.D. Buttons
  • Let everyone at the bar know who's who in your crew
  • Slogans like: "Party Animal," " World's Best Kisser," and "I'm the Bride!"

  • The Bachelorette Party I.D. Buttons let everyone know who you are, wherever you go! These are a fun, inexpensive way to make everyone easy to identify.

    These I.D. buttons are perfect for parties where not all of the guests know each other, or if you're going out on the town and want everyone at the bar or club to know who's who. Or even if neither of those are the case. They're a lot of fun to wear!

    Each button is perfect for one of the girls at your party! They say:
    • I'm the Bride
    • Party Animal
    • I'm in Charge
    • Major Tease
    • Just a Bridesmaid
    • Queen Bitch
    • Virgin (Maybe)
    • World's Best Kisser
    • Single Again
    • Still Single

    With colorful, bright buttons to call attention to your unique group, there should be no problem getting away with dares and scavenger hunt demands.

    12 Bachelorette Party I. D. Buttons come in this set.

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