Balloon Questions Party Game

Balloon Questions Party Game  
20 Questions: In Balloons

A 20 questions bachelorette party game that allows you to pop balloons throughout the night.

  • Balloon Questions Party Game
  • With PDF of questions to put in balloons
  • Balloon Questions Party Game
    Supplies needed: Balloons and small slips of paper.

    Come up with some really embarrassing questions and write them on small pieces of paper (think fortune cookie size). Then roll it up, put it inside a balloon, and blow up the balloon.

    Throughout the evening you can occasionally pop a balloon. The bride will have her choice of answering the question or doing a shot.

    We have provided a list of twenty questions here. Click on the small picture and our website will show you a printable-size picture. Cut out each question that you like into a little strip.

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