Bachelorette Tiara

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The Bachelorette Tiara   
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The Bachelorette Tiara    The Bachelorette Tiara    
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Make sure everyone treats the bride-to-be like a queen on her last girls night out! Buy your bachelorette party supplies in total privacy at
  • Bachelorette Tiara
  • Make your bachelorette feel like a princess
  • Pretty and durable

  • The Bachelorette Party Tiara is a spectacular tiara for the bachelorette. It is absolutely gorgeous. The bachelorette will feel like a princess wearing this sparkling silver bachelorette tiara. Who wouldn't love to feel like a princess for a day?

    This tiara features an elegant silver metallic design with ornately detailed features. Spelled out in sparkles on top of tiara is the word BACHELORETTE. You know, in case there's any confusion as to who the girl wearing it is.

    When you throw a bachelorette party, you need to make sure the bachelorette gets a lot of attention. This is a surefire way to do that. Plus, this sparkling metal bachelorette tiara will make a great souvenir for the bachelorette to remember her last girls' night out. We sell other bachelorette attire that will go excellently with this tiara to make her outfit complete.

    If I could, I would wear my Bachelorette Tiara everyday. It is beautiful and it makes me feel like a princess. Maybe that's just because I'm corny. But it really does make you feel special to wear it around and see all the looks you get.

    Click on the picture to see just how pretty it is.

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