Penis Candy, Penis Suckers, Penis Gummies, and Penis Pops

Gummy Penis CandyPenis Candy Necklace
Penis Pop SuckerPenis Lollipop BouquetSuper Fun Bite Size Penis Candy
Penis Candy and penis suckers are fun to eat. Chomping into some penis candy or a penis cookie is quite naughty and fun. Penis lollipops are always a big hit at a bachelorette party as well. Here are some sassy snacks that you can serve to everyone who comes to your bachelorette party. Have fun!

Flashing Ring Pop
Mini Penis Ring Pops - 8
6 Penis Lollipops In A Bouquet
Penis Pop - The All Day Sucker
Rainbow Penis Lollipop
The Amazing Penis Sucker
Jolly Pecker Pop
The Succulent Penis Pop
Dicky Licky Light-Up Sucker
Penis Ring Pop - A Debutante's Dilemma
Rainbow Penis Ring Pop
Lusty Lickers Penis Pop
Penis Lollipop Bouquet - Six Suckers
Penis Glow Pops - Glowstick Suckers!
Small White Chocolate Penis Sucker
Small Black Chocolate Penis Sucker
Big Black Chocolate Penis Sucker
A Ring Pop
Super Fun Penis Candy
Bachelorette Party Candies - Fun-Sized Packs
Lollicock Giant Penis Sucker
Let's Fuck Lollipop - The World's Most Forward Sucker
Lick Me Lollipop
Dick N Dip Candy - Dip the Dick & Lick!
Cola Cocks - Really Tasty Cola Gummies
Gummy Penis Candy - Chomp!
Gummy Penis Rings
Horny Big Penis Gummies
Sour Pecker Patch Gummies
Pecker Heads Sour Candies
Marshmallow Willies
Pecker Puffs - The World's Dirtiest Peeps!
Cum Shots - The Hilarious Marshmallow Candy
Candy Willies - Like Sweet Tarts
Dicklicks Strawberry Gum
Peppermint Peckers - Like Altoids But Shaped Like Dicks
Rainbow Bite-Size Penis Candies - 12
Bite Size White Chocolate Penises - 12
Bite Size Black Chocolate Penises - 12
Penis Candy Necklace - Super Fun!
Dicky Charms - Penis Candy Necklace
Dicky Charms - Penis Candy Bracelet
Candy Garter
Small Bachelorette Party Candy Trays - 3
Penis Shaped Snack Tray
Mini Pecker Party Trays - 3 Trays for Bachelorette Party Snacks
Party Pecker Candy Dishes - Filled with Candy!
Weenie Bites Candy
Super Fun Penis Candy - 3 oz.
X-Rated Fortune Cookies
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