Bachelorette Party Tiara Comparison Test

Bachelorette Party Tiara Comparison Test  
Pick Great Bachelorette Party Tiaras

A comparison test of bachelorette party tiaras. Find the bachelorette party tiara that is best for your friend and you'll have fun at the bachelorette party.

  • compares all of the bachelorette party tiaras.
  • We'll help you choose a great tiara for the bachelorette party.
  • Don't forget bridesmaid tiaras and maid of honor tiaras.
  • Bachelorette Party Tiara Comparison Test

    On her last night out, your bachelorette will want to be treated like royalty. You will need to fetch her drinks, find her men, and probably hold back her hair at the end of the night. Why not encourage such behavior by purchasing a bachelorette tiara for the bride-to-be?

    In this section, you will find an elaborate tiara comparison test performed by the experts at Based on our descriptions and rating system, you should be able to find the perfect crown for your bachelorette.

    The Bachelorette Party Tiara: (BP00157)
    One of's most popular items, the silver Bachelorette Party Tiara will make any bride-to-be feel like a princess. This tiara is made of metal and sparkles, with a heart design. At the ends of each side of the crown are hair combs, so the tiara stays in place.
    Our rating: 9. Every bride-to-be needs to feel like a queen. The Bachelorette Party Tiara is perfect for her special night out, and for the price, this crown is a bargain.

    The Naughty Bachelorette Party Tiara: (BP24255)
    This Naughty Bachelorette Party Tiara is a silver head piece with red, blue, pink, and purple penises topping the crown. From far away, one might not realize that the colorful decorations are actually penises. But, when they get a little closer, they'll be wondering if you're crazy, or just attending a bachelorette party!
    Our Rating: 7. This is our favorite of the raunchy bachelorette party tiaras. These colorful penises are so tiny, they canít offend anyone. It will take your bahelorette a moment to realize what she is about to adorn her head with, which always gets a laugh. If you want to get a silly tiara for the bride-to-be, definitely pick this one up.

    Bride To Be Tiara: (BP50922P)
    This elegant silver tiara is much like our bachelorette tiara, made out of the same high-quality material, but instead it says "Bride to Be" in fancy sparkling lettering.
    Our rating: 7. This is a good, high-quality tiara for anyone who wants to be known as the "bride to be" rather than the "bachelorette." Our only complaint is that the letters are maybe just a little funky looking, but they're far from illegible, and will still look very elegant on your bride to be's head.

    Black and Pink Bride to Be Tiara: (BP42563)
    If you want to be known as the "bride to be" and want to shout that from the rooftops, this tiara is a little more eye-catching. It's a vibrant pink and black, adorned with magenta sequins, and even has a big pink poof ball on the top of it. Because nothing says "I'm about to get married" like a big pink poof ball.
    Our rating: 3. While it may look like a great, fun option at a relatively inexpensive price, you get what you pay for. The quality of the materials isn't very good, and it's one of the most difficult things to get to stay in your hair out of all the headpieces we sell. Plus, let's be honest... that poof ball is really tacky.

    The Flashing Pecker Tiara:(BP24255)
    The Flashing Pecker Tiara is a pink and white headband-style tiara that is lined with multicolored flashing penises. The Pecker Tiara will definitely get your bachelorette noticed. Itís pretty silly, so we recommend this tiara for the more outgoing and less sensitive bride-to-be.
    Our Rating: 5. You have to have an enthusiastic, up-for-anything bachelorette to pull off this tiara. Not only is this tiara covered with penises, it is covered in FLASHING penises. We think the Flashing Pecker Tiara is great for a house party or if your bachelorette feels comfortable with her forehead covered in light-up dicks. Itís your call!

    Blinky 'N' Wiggly Penis Tiara: (BP58723)
    But if you want to go all out with the embarrassment (or if your bride never added that word to her expanding vocabulary as a child), why stop at an array of flashing penises - why not go for flashing AND wiggling penises? This fuzzy tiara is adorned with two sparkling, bobbling light-up penises. Need we even say more?
    Our rating: 8. This tiara caters to a certain type of bachelorette or bachelorette party planner, and chances are you won't buy it unless that's you. And if it is, you will not be disappointed by this raunchy and wild piece of headgear.

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