Bachelorette V.I.P. Pass

Bachelorette V.I.P. Party Pass
Bachelorette V.I.P. Party Pass  
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Bachelorette V.I.P. Party Pass   Bachelorette V.I.P. Party Pass   Bachelorette V.I.P. Party Pass   Bachelorette V.I.P. Party Pass   
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The VIP Party Passes are an inexpensive way to dress up your partygoers and play a fun game. Plan the perfect night out with
  • VIP Party Passes
  • A nice necklace with a VIP Pass
  • Includes a dare game

  • The Bachelorette Party V.I.P. Pass gets you into the hottest bachelorette party ever! The V.I.P. Party Pass is a cute laminate that hangs from a high quality ribbon necklace. It's a great idea to get Party Passes for all your guests so everyone at the bars and clubs knows who's a part of the rollicking bachelorette group.

    The Bachelorette Party VIP Passes don't just look cute—they have a great party game to play on the back as well. Get some dry erase markers so you can check off the dares as you complete them. The Pass includes dares like:
    • Get a guy's phone #
    • Dirty dance with a cute guy
    • Get a guy to give you a kiss
    • And more

    The Bachelorette Party V.I.P. Passes come in pink and black. Unfortunately, we are unable to take requests for either color; rather, you will receive pink or black at random.

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