Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses

Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses - 12
Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses - 12  
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Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses - 12   Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses - 12   Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses - 12   Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses - 12   
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The Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses are great for house parties where you'll be serving the bachelorette's favorite liquors.
  • Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses
  • 12 glasses

  • This 12-pack of Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses is a cheap way to make sure that every girl at your party gets a shot glass. And that's a pretty vital thing for bachelorette parties. If there's one thing most bachelorette parties have a lot of, it's penis-shaped decorations. But if there's one more thing they have a lot of, it's shots.

    Want to have a massive toast without breaking every shot glass in your house? Pick up the inexpensive Bachelorette Party Shot Glasses. These pink shot glasses should last the night and be enough for your whole party, but if not, you can always buy a backup set.

    These shot glasses say "Bachelorette Party Outta Control," which is pretty fitting, don't you think? And the more you use these, the more fitting that saying gets. Funny how that works. It's almost like taking shots makes you act crazy? We have our top bachelorette party scientists trying to figure out why that is.

    Each package contains 12 plastic shot glasses.

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