Bachelorette Party Confetti

Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti
Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti  
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Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti   Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti   Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti   Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti   
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The Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti lights up the room. Plan the perfect bachelorette party at
  • Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti
  • Sparkly pink, red, purple and silver confetti

  • The Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti is the perfect way to add festive sparkle to any table, invitation or gift box. Each package contains just the right amount to do all sorts of things: you could sprinkle some in each guest's invitation or loot bag, decorate the refreshments table, dump it on the bachelorette's head... the possibilities are endless!

    We like the Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti because it glimmers in red, pink, purple and silver, and turns a regular setting into a penis party instantly! Seriously! If you think that that giant penis centerpiece or that set of four penis banners might be just a bit too audacious for your bride's tastes, but know the guests will be disappointed if you don't get anything pecker-themed, a few packets of these will be the perfect compromise.

    Throw Bachelorette Party Penis Confetti over your snack table, or put it in your invitations to let your guests know they're in for a hilariously good time. Each piece of confetti is shaped like a tiny penis. Your bachelorette will love it.

    The person whose house you're throwing the bachelorette party at might not love it as much, especially when it "accidentally" gets poured all over the carpet. But just remind her what it is she'll be picking out of the shag for years to come, and she'll be too busy laughing to be mad at you! Probably.

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