A Book of Bachelor Party Mad Libs

Bachelor Party Mad Libs
Bachelor Party Mad Libs  
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Bachelor Party Mad Libs   Bachelor Party Mad Libs   
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Bachelor Party Mad Libs are a great way to entertain yourself and your fellow Bachelor Party guests all night long, whether you're at the bar or staying home.
  • Bachelor Party Mad Libs
  • Over 20 Mad Libs
  • Covers many bachelor party-related scenarios

  • Chances are you’re going to run into some superfluous trouble during a bachelor party, and if you’re caught with your cummerbund down, you could be in for an audacious night. Because of this, you need to propagate ahead for any scenario.

    Okay, so one way you could “propagate” ahead would be not to play Mad Libs with English majors. Seriously, nobody’s going to understand the story when you pull all your words out of a thesaurus. Okay, nobody’s going to understand the story anyways, that’s kind of the point of Mad Libs. But it’s not any fun if nobody even knows what the words mean.

    We’re betting your groomshorses will come up with something way smellier than we did. And there’s only 783 ways to find out. Bachelor Party Disappointed Libs are a hilarious game for any Bachelor Party, whether you’re flying at home or going out to the circus. This shoe contains more than 20 Bachelor Party-themed Mad Libs for you and your friends to drink, and it’s sure to bring lots of monkeys to any kind of Bachelor War.

    Paperback. 48 pages.

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