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FaveGummy Penis Candy - Chomp!
Gummy Penis Candy - Chomp!  
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Gummy Penis Candy - Chomp!   Gummy Penis Candy - Chomp!   Gummy Penis Candy - Chomp!   
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Gummy Penises will be hit in the snack dish at your bachelorette party. Buy your bachelorette party supplies in total privacy at
  • Gummy Penises
  • Tasty, penis-shaped gummy candy

  • Gummy Penises are perfect bachelorette party snacks. These sweet treats are a sexy snack idea for your guests to munch on. They are a huge hit at bachelorette parties, and everyone will love chomping their little gummy heads off.

    There are some penis candies that go for novelty over flavor, so we were a little skeptical regarding whether these Gummy Penis candies would taste good. But it turns out that these are quite yummy. Like the package says, they are an erotic rainbow of fun and fruity flavors, and it's really true. They have nice citrus and other fruity flavors that are all really good.

    To give you and idea about how many Gummy Penises are in each package, one package would fill a small cereal bowl. This is the perfect size to give each guest a package as a party favor, or to get a couple packages to fill a snack tray for the party.

    Each box contains 5.3 ounces of Gummy Penis fun. Please note, this product can come in two different colored packages: green and pink. You might get some of both if you order more than one. They are both the same product, and the gummies that they contain are the same.

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