The Adult Coloring Book

Adult Coloring Book
Adult Coloring Book  
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Adult Coloring Book   Adult Coloring Book   Adult Coloring Book   
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The Adult Coloring Book is a unique, hilarious and raunchy activity that's sure to crack everyone up at the bachelorette party. Every page has an erotic scene to discover and color!
  • Not your childhood coloring book
  • Erotic scenes on every page
  • 24 pages

  • Artistic, erotic, and psychedelic are three adjectives that we donít typically think of as strongly associated with bachelorette parties. Well, there was that one that we threw in the art school dorm back in college... I mean, never mind, thatís besides the point. Anyways, these adjectives might not describe most bachelorette parties, but they do describe a great activity you can share at them or gift to the bachelorette: the Sexy Adult Coloring Book!

    The Sexy Adult Coloring Book is not your childhood coloring book. It takes the recent popular trend of coloring books for adults and makes it even more... well, adult! This book includes more than 20 pages of highly detailed black-and-white art for you and your friends to color in, and every single page features at least one naked body and a multitude of other hidden surprises. The closer you look, the more bizarre and raunchy details begin to reveal themselves. Is that a penis with tentacles sitting atop a dining tray? Youíll have to flip the page to find out.

    Whether youíre looking for an activity for all the guests to share over drinks or just a gag gift thatís sure to make the bachelorette spit out hers, the Sexy Adult Coloring Book makes a great addition to any bachelorette party. Especially that one we threw back in college... I mean, never mind!

    Paperback. 24 pages.

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