A Set of 4 Jumbo Diamond Rings

Jumbo Diamond Ring Set
Jumbo Diamond Ring Set  
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Jumbo Diamond Ring Set   Jumbo Diamond Ring Set   Jumbo Diamond Ring Set   Jumbo Diamond Ring Set   
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These Jumbo Diamond Rings make great matching accessories for all your party guests! Get great accessories like these here at Bachelorette.com.
  • Jumbo Diamond Ring Set
  • Comes with 4 Rings
  • A great group accessory

  • Who says the bachelorette should be the only one who gets to wear a diamond ring? I think itís time we buck that fashion trend, and let everyone at the party wear one! Not only that, but letís put that dinky little diamond he bought her to shame with these Jumbo Diamond Rings! Each of these brilliant silver rings is embedded with a diamond thatís nearly an inch and a half in diameter. Weíre not sure how many carats that is, but itís probably at least 10,000.

    The Jumbo Diamond Ring Set makes for great party favors or group accessories that everyone at the party can wear to show solidarity for the bride. Solidarity, you ask, doesnít that usually mean sheís going through something rough? But she is! After all, she has to live the rest of her life wearing a ring with a diamond that couldnít possibly measure up to these massive beauties! After a night out with all of you wearing these, she just might want to trade in the one he gave her!

    Comes with 4 plastic rings.

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